The Ultimate
Dining Experience

Enjoying dining with friends and family at our two restaurants.

At The Classic, eating is more than just a source of nutrition or a necessity to continue living. It is part of our lifestyle and the social and cultural experiences that define us. Nothing can bring back a treasured memory faster than the taste of fresh apple pie ready to be topped with ice-cream or the smell of homemade soup simmering in The Classic kitchens.

We understand that quality of taste and experience in our restaurant-style dining rooms will play an essential role in your happiness at The Classic. Our community takes pride in providing residents with flavorful, chef-prepared meals.

Our farm-to-table dining experience features local favorites and regional cuisine that ensure both plenty of options as well as the fulfillment of resident's culinary needs and requests. Served in a friendly and inviting atmosphere, our residents enjoy fresh, made to order home-cooked meals every day and can take comfort knowing their meals will be served by courteous, familiar staff that know and value each member of the community.

Our staff at The Classic loves meeting resident's families and friends, and guests are always welcome at any meal. You are also welcome to reserve our private dining room for your own party, activities, or gathering. We believe that our dining rooms are not only a place to enjoy a great meal, but also the perfect environment for interaction.

Our restraurants are open from 7 AM until 6:30 PM with no set meal times. Choose from our daily featured items or our full menus.

Chip's Restaurant Menu
Riley Smith

Riley Smith

Executive Chef